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The Oregon Trail Riders, Chapter 180 of the American Legion Riders, began in early 2012 by Don Klaumann.  The group quickly grew in the first couple months to nearly 20.

The American Legion Riders are a group of Veterans, Military members, Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion.  The American Legion Riders are throughout the United States and even foreign countries.  Here in Nebraska we have over 10 chapters.


The main purpose of the ALR is to suport the Legion programs, sponsor charity events and to provide community service, raise money for such organizations as local VA hospitals, battered women (and men), and children centers, various children and youth programs such as school for the blind, veterans relief, and needy families.  One way this is done by sponsoring motorcycle runs for charity purposes.  We also raise money for teen scholarships of a fallen military parent, as well as participate in memorial services through escorts and many other functions.


As a member, you have the right to vote on chapter issues and to voice your opinion concerning all topics.  If you have a motorcycle and an interest to do what we do, please contact us.


                        HOW TO JOIN US

1. If you are a veteran.

2. If you are the son or grandson of a veteran through Sons of the American Legion.

3. If you qualify to join the Legion Auxiliary.

4. If you have a spouse that qualifies for any of the above you may join as a couple.

5. If none of the above work, we consider non-voting participation as well.

6. We welcome anyone to come to our meetings or go on our fun rides and other events.

7. Many of our members are also members of the Patriod Guard.  Click on the P.G. page for more info.


Qualifications costs, and membership costs are about $25.00 .

Aditionally most of us wear a large patch and we have 2 shirts that we traditionally wear. 


             The emblems are custom made with our chapter number on them.


The BLACK LONG SLEEVE 100% cotton shirts are "Legion Riders" on page 74:    Catalog number:  707.341 X  Black.


The WHITE SHORT SLEEVE 100% cotton shirts are "Freedom T-shirt on page 32: 

http://emblem.legion.org/Freedom-T-shirt Legion/productinfo/707.318X/WHITE2X/

                                                                  Item #: 507.318X SOL is similar but has "Sons of the American Legion" on front.

The POLO Shirt is short sleeve.  It is item # 907.723X  and it was on page 2nd. page of apparel, in 2017, of the American Legion Flag & Emblem catalog.  Price about $41.95


Shirts are made by Jensen Wear.

The website for the American Legion Flag & Emblem catalog is http://Emblem.Legion.org     The telephone is 1-888-453-4466.

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